With the purpose of easing travel at different scales in the Atlantic Arc, the growth of the Integra brand implies the development of technological tools that provide rigorous and yet simple data and information.

The Integra tools materialize the brand’s service and add value to the market, since they only use official data, generated and actualized in constant dialogue between responsible institutions and members of the Association. In addition to the interoperability between tools in its design and development, the standardization of information and the homogenization method of data presentation are also guaranteed.

To support travelers in the different stages of any trip, the following tools have been developed: Integra Portal, Integra Social Network and all the Integra Social Media. We believe that by doing so, we’re changing the pace of any trip as well as helping to change the paradigm in a world where a growing proportion of the population accessing the Internet is using various mobile platforms, such as tablets and smartphones.