Première action des réseau Integra: la fourniture d'information relatives aux horaires de bus de compagnie Horários do Funchal
Funchal, Portugal

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The Integra Travel EU network and Horários do Funchal, Portuguese public transport operator in Funchal, Madeira, with an annual flow of over 22 million passengers, developed an unprecedented initiative of information sharing and availability on schedules and routes of its transport lines. A new way of data sharing and availability is already in place. The data are provided by different travel planners, under the supervision of the Integra network which runs the process. 

Transportespú Madeira was the first travel planner to join the initiative, providing full detailed schedules of all transport lines circulating in Funchal and surroundings. The data are also available through the international travel planner Rome2rio, allowing to set door-to-door routes departing from anywhere in the world to Funchal, or within the city. This application is available in 8 languages, including Mandarin Chinese. 

The access to the transport lines data through Google platform (Earth and Maps) is in project starting from January 2014. Other improvements are also under consideration, such as the possibility to include messages and real-time information on incidents or route alterations.